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By Jessica Leonard

Brow Freeze Gel

Brow Freeze Gel

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Brow Freeze Gel

The final step in your brow styling routine to tame unruly brows or set and forget those hairs in place with our clear gel, strong hold formula.


1. Using the spookier provided swipe a small amount of product.
2. Brush the spoolie through the brow in an upward direction, gently pressing down as you go to keep the brows in place.
3. Brush brow hairs into desired shape as the product sets.
4. For thicker, unruly brows use a little more product for extra hold.
5. Ensure cap is tightly closed at all times when not in use .
6. Clean spoolie with warm water after use and leave to dry.


Email: for wholesale enquiries. 

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