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By Jessica Leonard

Essentials Kit

Essentials Kit

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Ditch the drip and preserve your hair with our essentials kit. Designed to make getting ready or unready a breeze.


What’s included?


1 x Cleansing Cuffs (1 pair)

1 x Ultra Plush Headband


Cleansing Cuffs

Elevate your cleansing routine with these plush Cleansing Cuffs. Say goodbye to water running down your arms and dripping on to the floor when cleansing your skin. Our cleansing cuffs are designed to soak up the water and keep you nice and dry. You’ll wonder how you ever cleansed without them!


Ultra Plush Headband

Create an at home spa experience with our Ultra Plush Headband, covered in microfibre, the wide band is stretchy enough to keep you comfortable while you immerse yourself in home spa rituals. It is perfect to pop on while doing your makeup, cleansing your skin or applying face masks to keep the hair out of your face and free from product. Soft enough not to crease your hair, it will surely become a staple in your beauty routine.


The ultimate duo. They go together like a meat pie and tomato sauce, you simply can’t have one without the other.


How to look after me:

Machine wash in cold water and allow to dry in the sun. Can be tumble dried on low heat.

Do not iron or bleach.

100% polyester.

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