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By Jessica Leonard

The Perfect Lip Duo

The Perfect Lip Duo

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The perfect lip duo. Includes 1 Vanilla Lip Oil and 1 Perfect Pout Lip Pencil.

Vanilla Lip Oil

This nourishing, non sticky lip oil will leave your lips feeling soft with just the right amount of shine.



Clear formula with easy to use applicator.

  1. Remove lid and apply directly to lips using the applicator tip.
  2. Use as often as needed over bare lips or layer over lipstick.


Perfect Pout Lip Pencil

Create the perfect pout with our creamy pigmented liner in an easy twist-up design.



  1. Outline, shape, colour and define the lip prior to application of lipstick or gloss.
  2. To expose more of the pigmented pencil tip, gently twist the base of the pencil.
  3. To sharpen the pencil tip, remove the bottom of the pencil by pulling the base to reveal a sharpener.
  4. Finish with our Vanilla Lip Oil for the perfect pout!
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